A gallery of the Find, Use and Create concepts.

  • FIND the Big Advantage (the open player).
  • USE - If you have an advantage, use it.
  • CREATE - If you do not have an advantage, create one.

The Find, Use and Create concepts are illustrated in the following diagram gallery and this video featuring Team Spain in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Find The Big Advantage

1 finds 2 with an advantage due to X2 being in heavy help

1 finds 2 with a big advantage after the dribble penetration

1 can find any of these players with a big advantage by reading the help.

3 has advantage coming off screen. 1 finds him/her

2 has the advantage along the baseline after the uphill help from X2. 1 finds him/her

The ball screen can present multiple advantages for 1 to find.

Using The Advantage

1 uses the advantage created by the penetration and finishes at the rim

2 receives the pass along with a big advantage and uses it by shooting

2 receives the pass with a big advantage and uses it by attacking the momentum of the closeout

2 uses the small advantage created by the blast cut and attacks middle immediately upon the catch.

Four Ways To Create An Advantage

Penetration - The dribble penetration creates a small advantage for Player 1. Use the advantage and anticipate help.

Dribble Handoff (DHO) - The DHO can create an advantage for Player 2

Ball Screen - The ball screen can create an advantage for the ball handler, the screener or another player

Off-Ball Screen - The off-ball screen (down screen in diagram) creates an advantage for 2

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