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Thoughts on the finer points of conceptual based offense and basketball coaching in general

Find Use Create Gallery

A gallery of the Find, Use and Create concepts. FIND the Big Advantage (the open player). USE - If you have an advantage, use it. CREATE - If you do not have an advantage, create one. The Find, Use and Create concepts are illustrated in the following diagram gallery and this video...


Contemporizing Coaching Frameworks

Most coaches work hard over many years to create an approach or framework that they believe represents the game as they know and understand it. With age, coaches progress through their coaching pathways, and arises a natural tendency to ignore information that may not fit into their coaching...


The Perils Of Confirmation Bias In Coaching

Coaches can be blind to opportunities to advance their teams and programs by falling victim to Confirmation Bias. Like Survivorship Bias, Confirmation Bias is an example of a cognitive bias which leads coaches to make irrational decisions. Confirmation Bias is the tendency to listen only to...


Building Resilience In Teams

Doing some work this morning on mistakes and helping players, teams and coaches build in resilience. One approach is to look at the gap between how things are supposed to happen and how they actually do. What are some implications for coaches, players and teams? For coaches, Look closely at...


Conceptual Based Offense - Enlarge The Defense

Conceptual-based offensive basketball is anchored by principles. The first of which is "enlarging the defense." The beginnings of coaching and playing basketball conceptually lie with spacing. Spacing entails not only selecting an alignment (i.e. four-out) but allowing the basketball room to...


Survivorship Bias In Coaching

First in a series on Cognitive Biases and how they can impact our decision making as coaches. Simply put, Cognitive Biases are thinking errors. They are flaws in judgement that everyone is susceptible to. Marketers, salesmen, the media and politicians depend on our unawareness of these biases to...